My first deed

After work, I swung by Walmart, and I now have a care box sitting on my floor by the doorway, waiting to be mailed in the morning. A friend of a friend is going through a tough time right now. She is single mother with a baby daddy that, by the sounds of it, doesn’t pitch in much, if at all. She is struggling financially. She is young and realizing it isn’t just about her anymore. I am sending her some things that might not help as much as she needs, but something is better than nothing. There are some diapers, baby soap, some munchies, a few personal care items and a toy for the baby. She is at a point where every little bit helps. I believe no matter who you are, every little bit helps, just not everyone realizes how true that is. Here’s to you, kid. Keep your chin up, because down the road, when this is behind you, you will be thankful for this time that you struggled, because it will help you realize who you are, what you are made of and how tough you really are.


My point of this blog . . . .

So for those of you that do not live in a densely populated Catholic culture or area like I do, It is Ash Wednesday, or Lent. I grew up in a non-denominational home, which means I was the odd one out in my group of friends, having to explain that we believe in Jesus even though you do not see the smudge on my forehead. I didn’t grow up in a church, I didn’t start going until 8th grade, and it was by choice, without my parents, when a friend took me to their megachurch. I felt comfortable because I was around other Christians, but didn’t have to get too close to others if I didn’t feel comfortable. In my awkward teenage years, that was a pretty good combination. Social, but able to be invisible. A few odd years later, post college, I am still awkward, but a liitle more social.

Anyways, back to topic. Ash Wednesday. Beginning of Lent. This year I am giving something up for Lent. I like the idea of “new beginnings” or “righting wrongs” and that is kind of what I think Lent is really supposed to be. A chance to reflect on some of our poor choices and an opportunity to consciously break bad habits. I also like the idea of accountability partners. Since Lent is so widely accepted in this area, that is an easy thing to find this time of year, because most people will ask you what you gave up. I have a few things in mind, the one I am focusing on is food. I have been eating like crap lately. I have some health and fitness goals in mind and I am not going to get there if I don’t watch myself.
Something else I decided to do was do a good deed every day during lent. I have always been a fan of random acts of kindness and that whole pay it forward movement. When you’ve been awkward your whole life, and have been in a few valleys over the years, you have respect and gratitude for the goodness of others. My mom has always told me I was more sensitive than most people, but brave enough to do something with that gift. So here it is. The point. This blog is the “journey” of these random acts of kindness. I am not doing these for recognition or a pat on the back. I am writing this blog because of that whole accountability partner bit. Not everybody will get why I want to do this, and I will get to that point of “Why bother” or “Who cares?” So I figured if I have to check in everyday, I just might keep at it. And if it will help remind even just one person that they can make a difference, even if it is just by doing small, random acts of kindness everyday, I have done something positive with this time.